Wholesale Channel Letters

Congratulations on the first step of saving money and time by choosing us! We are ready to provide you with high-quality wholesale channel letters. We are proud to say that our superior service will not only bring ease to the creation and completion of the orders you receive but also help you achieve better results and happy customers.

Become a More Profitable Sign Company.

Here is a secret to success that many of your competitors are using. Sign companies are buying their channel letters wholesale. As one of the most sought-after types of signs, channel lettering is an investment that many companies are willing to make. The higher upfront cost is outweighed by its durability, energy efficiency, and effective advertisement. Therefore, companies find it to be a worthy purchase. Our team can supply you with these high-end, exceptionally profitable channel letters.

As a leader in craftsmanship and design, Advanced Graphix works with all types of styles, colors, and materials. Our average channel letter turnaround is 2 weeks.

Wholesale Channel Letters - Call us today!

Why Buy Channel Letters Wholesale?

As a business owner, you know the importance of monitoring the “cost of doing business.” Purchasing channel letters wholesale can increase your profits considerably. There is no need to cut corners by using inferior materials or dealing with low-quality products from unskilled employees.
All of our signs are UL Certified. Simply bring us the order from your customer and we will produce it, box it up, and ship it out to you.

Wholesale Channel Letters

Is It Difficult To Make Channel Letters?

It depends on:

  • The type of equipment available
  • Level of experience
  • Type of materials being used

Our professionals have the expertise to create channel letters for any kind of shape, style, or color. We can produce logos, letters, or custom designs. Often, sign companies will purchase the channel letters wholesale, and then use their own staff and equipment to install the lettering on the buildings.

What Type Of Channel Letters Can I Order?

Channel letters are three-dimensional graphic elements that are separate structures and illuminated. Therefore, our team can manufacture many different styles that include logos, letters, company names and so much more!

Types of channel letters we can produce:

  • Standard Bold Fonts
  • Custom Logos

There are very few limitations to what we can design and construct.

Who Do You Sell To?

We sell both locally and to the Continental U.S., and provide premium products shipped right to your location. If you are local, you can certainly pick them up at our location too. We do receive orders for multiple channel letters at a time, as many sign companies find unique uses for them as displays, and order several to cut down on costs. If your sales team is able to sell multiple channel letter signs, you can also request a quote for a larger order.

What Kinds of Material Do You Use?

We can bend .040, and .063 for your letters. We mostly do .040 unless you specify otherwise.  Contact us for a list of choices and let us help you determine which type of material best suits your needs. The best choice will depend on where the signage will be located, the type of weather, and the individual needs of your customer. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with our work. We are here to help you when you are ready to buy your channel letters wholesale.

Wholesale Channel Letters - Call us today!

Wholesale Channel Letters - Call us today!

Wholesale Channel Letters

Save Time and Money By Purchasing Channel Letters Wholesale.

In summary, choose our team of professionals to design, build and ship the channel letters you need for your customers. We can provide you with high-quality craftsmanship that will encourage your customers to come back to you for all of the signage purchases. With our help, you can save money on the cost to produce the signs and increase your profit margins. No longer do you need to be concerned with finding the best channel letter wholesale dealer. You can call or send in a form for a quote request.

We are honored to be your first choice for your channel letter needs. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions or special requests.

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