Why Use Advanced Graphix?

#1. You’re just not another customer to us, you’re a partner. We value the time spent with all our clients. To us, your not just a number. If your business grows, our business grows.

#2. We only use the highest quality materials to offer our clients the best product.

#3. We are competitive in pricing. We are not always the cheapest, but we help our clients in other ways with package and quantity discounts.

#4. We refer our clients to other clients. (ex. If someone needs their roof fixed.) We give them your information for them to contact you.

#5. Are you are in a pitch and need something extremely quick? We can accommodate your needs.*

#6. When Advanced Graphix is in need of a certain product or service, we call our clients first.

#7. When you order a product, or service you’re getting the highest quality with a quick turn-around time. For example, on banners- some sign shops use lower grade material, that are made for indoors only. Our product is made and used for the outdoors as well as indoors and will withstand any type of weather. (For example; Some companies do not hem their banners. At Advanced Graphix, we always hem our banners, no matter the longevity of them.) Our standard banner materials is a 13oz. 1000×1000 denier that is hemmed and grommeted. The denier is the strength. The 1000×1000 is the best quality and will last outside against the elements.

#8. When getting a vehicle wrapped, you can have assurance you are getting the best product and value. Our standard material is a 3M vinyl which can stand to be on a vehicle for about 5 years before it starts to fade. We are 3M certified, and stand behind all our work.

#9. Why buy local vs online? Not only does buying local put money back into the community, but  you’re also helping a local business owner, their employees, and all their families. When you buy online, you’re helping a million dollar company buy another vacation home somewhere.

#10. Our designs separates us from everyone else.

*depending on artwork and quantity