Custom Engraved Signs

Custom Engraved SignsCustom Golf Signs for Golf Courses

Every golf course needs to guide its visitors through the winding fairways and greens. The customized golf signs that appear at each hole need to be in top condition considering it is part of each golfer’s focus. Advanced-Graphix will provide you with detailed, durable, and exceptional quality signs for each hole on the course. Golf Courses have many other needs for signs such as cart parking, restrooms, clubhouse, and more. We are ready to create your custom engraved golf signs and add value to your golf course right away. Contact us now for more information.

Golf Signs for Tournaments and Home Decor

Community and charity golf tournaments are a great way to get everyone together for a good cause. You will need course directions and golf signs to keep the event running smoothly. We understand that you will need the convenience of custom golf signs that can be used season after season. Our golf signs will not rust and can be stored and reused without the worry of humidity or water damage.

Golf is a great family activity. Likewise, custom engraved golf signs are fun ways to celebrate your loved one’s hobby. Place them around your property to add decor with no concern about peeling paint and splintering wood. Our professionals can help you design the perfect gift! Give us a call at (717) 709-9500.

Custom Engraved Playground Signs

There is nothing more important than the safety of our children. Therefore, we are happy to let you know that we use King Colorcore, a durable, environment-friendly solution for long-lasting playground equipment and signs. Our rustproof signs are valuable for schools, parks, special events and more. Come to Advanced-Graphix to create the signs you need to help keep the kids safe and display the playground rules. 

Why We Use King ColorCore For Our Signs

Because King ColorCore is a durable, versatile HDPE sheet with layers of contrasting colors, it is ideal for signage, marine, and playground applications since it never needs to be painted or refurnished like wood.

Environmentally Stabilized

Outdoor signs are necessary for many reasons. Directions, attractions, and information are often found on custom signs and help elevate a visitor’s experience. Many businesses choose to be as environmentally friendly as possible and use King Colorcore.  Advanced-Graphix can provide you with this high-quality material for all of your signage needs.

More Reasons King ColorCore is a great choice:

  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • More durable than other conventional sign materials
  • Will not rust or delaminate or rot when exposed to UV, humidity, or water



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