Having a custom store makes the process easy for you.

When you run your fundraiser through Advanced Graphix, You don’t have to keep up with inventory- instead, you can direct customers to the website. No more trying to track down someone to get there money or order, instead, you have the option to let us process the payments for you. We can even ship the shirts for you.

The website is free- no charge to customers purchasing the apparel through us and letting us print or embroidery them. Your site is easy to use, user friendly, and you will get a email every time someone places the order so we are all on the same page.

Having a fundraiser store is a great way to raise extra money for individual or family who needs it. We can also put your story on the website so people know why they are purchasing the shirt. Share the website to Facebook or family and friends to get your cause out there. The more people that see it the more that will possibly buy for your cause helping to raise money. We have state of the art equipment and quality is our first priority, everything is done in house. Count on us to deliver your needs and help you focus on the cause of your fundraiser.

Some Previous Fundraisers

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