Your vehicle has so much potential. It’s in front of hundreds if not thousands of people during the week and you could be missing a golden opportunity to advertise by placing your name, phone number and website in front of them every day. Advanced Graphix is experienced in creating a design that works and gets you your moneys worth on this opportunity. Lettering, logos and lettering starting at $650. We can do anything from simple lettering on the side of your vehicle to completely covering every inch of paint making your vehicle work for you!

Vehicle wraps are not as expensive as yellowpage ads or magazine ads. They are a ONE TIME cost and they last 3-5 YEARS! Try adding up the money you’ve spend over the past 5 years on yellow page ad and compare the cost! Call us today to find out how to get your vehicle wrapped! (717) 709-9500

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What is a Vehicle Wrap?
A Vehicle wrap is a temporary way of advertising brand awareness of your business.
It’s a mobile billboard that leaves impressions of your business to others as they see it.

Can a vehicle wrap damage my paint?
In most cases a vehicle wrap will preserve the paint typically lasting 3-5 years. We do not recommend leaving wraps on over 5 years cause they could damage the paint. If some areas of the wrap become fainted or cracked please replace those areas immediately.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?
Typically 3-5 years. But depends on how well the vehicle wrap is cared for and over all treatment and the condition of the vehicle before paint.

How are the wraps removed?
Vehicle wraps should be applied and removed by a professional.

How long does the installation process take?
Depends on vehicle and how much coverage. Larger vehicles with complex curves can take longer.

What do I do if my wrap gets damaged?
In most cases we can just replace that piece or panel but depends how long its been on vehicle. If the wrap has been on for some time then the wrap color may not match whats currently on vehicle.

Can I run my vehicle through a car wash?
No, the manufacture only recommends hand wash for all vehicle wraps or logos.

Do we do color changes?
No, we only do commercial vehicle wraps that advertise your business.

Do we offer a warranty on vehicle wraps?
There’s so many factors that goes into a vehicle wrap and the condition of the vehicle being #1 If your bringing me something that has rust, or its after market paint and not painted up to factory code, you should expect peeling or the wrap not sticking to those surfaces. A wrap is only as good and the surface its adhering to. Wraps do not stick to rust, loose clear coat, loose paint, wood, caulk or a textured surface like black plastic.